Welcome to the Neuvote Blog

Welcome to the Neuvote Blog

Welcome to Neuvote’s blog. As the only mobile voting company with the most secure and comprehensive mobile voting application available today, we are excited to provide you with a space to learn about how we can make elections globally, more accessible, secure and successful. Very simply, we pioneered a one of a kind hybrid mobile voting platform that combines the best elements of easy access online voting and trusted traditional paper ballot  voting that is built around Microsoft’s ElectionGuard, ensuring 100% end-to-end verifiability and security. We look forward to sharing our story and electronic voting developments to further our commitment to strengthening democracy.

End-To-End Verifiability – What and Why?

New technology comes with new buzz words. In the on-line or mobile voting world it is End-To-End Verifiability or E2E in short form. It means that a vote is encrypted and secured from the moment a voter casts their ballot until it is tabulated.  It is a leading edge technology that Microsoft developed, called ElectionGuard to ensure 100% secure elections, free from voter fraud or tampering with the additional benefits of transparency and auditing of results.

Here is how E2E works.

Votes are cast as intended. At the time of voting, voters are provided with evidence, often in the form or a receipt or code, that their encrypted ballot reflects their voting choice.

Votes are recorded as cast. Voters can check that the encrypted ballot has been included correctly by seeing the encrypted code they cast on a public list, which shows the encrypted votes that have been cast.

Votes are tallied as recorded.  Anyone can check that all the published encrypted votes are correctly included in the tally, without knowing how any individual voted.

Neuvote is proud to be the first mobile voting company to implement ElectionGuard and to be able to partner with Microsoft to demonstrate it in different markets as we have outlined below.