Neuvote’s RoadMap to a Safe and Secure Ontario 2022 Online Voting Election

In preparation for Ontario’s 2022 Elections, Neuvote’s CEO, Matthew Heuman, hosted a Webinar to outline how Neuvote can deliver safe, secure, accessible On-line Voting for Municipal Governments. He first took Webinar participants through Neuvote’s DemocraSuite Election Services, a full suite of services that distinguishes us from other on line or mobile voting vendors that includes: Verified Voter Management; Online & Paper Secured Online Voting; and True End-to-End Verifiability.  In addition, Neuvote is set apart by our trusted, leading technology partners – Microsoft, Ricoh, Xerox, Compugen and HP.

Matthew then described in detail how each of these key online services work in the online voting process and answered great participants questions as the webcast progressed.

Verified Voter Management

Neuvote is able to verify voters’ identity as they register on line with ID, much like in-person voting. In addition, we have Liveness Detection technology, with facial registration, that is encrypted and stored to ensure the voter eligible to vote is the one casting the ballot. This voter verification system is the only method to ensure one-voter, one-vote in an online or mobile voting system.

Online & Paper Secured Online Voting

Our online voting process is enhanced by our unique hybrid system that includes the gold standard of elections,  paper ballots, and printing of same in centralized Ballot Centers. Neuvote is the only vendor with paper ballots as part of online voting system with many  advantages that include: a paper trail; ability for recounts; easy audit; tamper resistance; and a format and process that is trusted and familiar to voters. Our centralized Ballot Centers are supported by our partners, Compugen, Ricoh and Xerox.

End-to-end Verifiability

Matthew emphasized that the road to a safe and secure online election requires End-to-end Verifiability in which votes are cast as intended, recorded as cast and tallied as recorded. Microsoft’s ElectionGuard is the foundation of Neuvote’s system and ensures:

·       Votes are encrypted and secured

·       Verifiable and accurate tallying without compromising secrecy or security

·       No votes changed after being cast without being detected

·       No one specific individual’s vote can be revealed

Support and Disaster Recovery Planning

In addition to Neuvote’s DemocraSuite Election Services, a key feature in our deployment of online voting is comprehensive support for Municipalities 24/7, training, help desk and voter information guides, analytics and on site Neuvote technicians at ballot centers. In addition, we provide disaster recovery and business continuity planning.


The Neuvote team, backed by our Partners, are proud to provide a roadmap for success in the journey to safe, secure and accessible online Municipal Elections. Matthew concluded the Webcast with an invitation to contact us to learn more about how we can help.

[Click here to view the Webinar Replay]