Neuvote Launched Canada Wide Mobile Voting and Civic Engagement Network Pilots To Coincide with 2021 Federal Election

Neuvote Launched Canada Wide Mobile Voting and Civic Engagement Network Pilots To Coincide with 2021 Federal Election

The only company globally to offer secure online voting by phone and computer, backed by Microsoft’s award winning ElectionGuard security,  we are enthusiastically announcing the launch of two pilots in conjunction with the 2021 Federal Election. Voters across Canada now have an opportunity during the Election period to test the ease of online voting and to join the community driven Civic Engagement Network, a hub for local election information, polling, candidate contacts as well as other election related materials.

Civic Engagement Network – Bringing Us Together

“Giving a voice to our voters and sharing ideas, information and concerns between voters and our municipal, provincial and federal governments is critical to further and strengthen our democracy” said Matthew Heuman, CEO of Neuvote. “That is why we are excited to provide access to our Civic Engagement Network. It is easy for voters to sign up at our website,, and learn about their local candidates, share ideas or concerns with the candidates, participate in polls on key issues and so much more”.

Candidates in turn have the opportunity to engage voters, share their backgrounds and policy positions with the electorate, understand what the key issues are for voters through our Civic Engagement Network.

Once the election is over, citizens and municipal governments alike will still be able to take advantage of our Civic Engagement Network to continue to communicate with each other about issues and share information and ideas.

Mobile Voting is Here

We are offering Canadians the chance to see how easy, accessible and safe online voting can be by participating in mock elections we are running prior to Federal Election day, September 20, 2021. While not voting for actual candidates, participants can cast a mock vote on their phones to test how easy it is to vote by phone vs. on-line or in person. Voters will also have the chance to see how Microsoft’s ElectionGuard End-to-End Verifiability is used and how it can increase trust, security and integrity in the Election process. All that is required is to register for the Neuvote trial at  I

Last year Covid-19 forced the House of Commons to build their own online voting system for parliament. The candidates who win this election will be voting remotely with that system and we wanted to give Canadians the chance to experience what it is like to vote from anywhere using the same technology the MP’s will be using.

“Most Canadians don’t know that On-line voting has been available in Ontario since 2003, and in fact, 192 cities offered on-line voting as an option to their citizens during the Municipal Elections in 2018. Given the increasing demand for safe environments in which to vote and more accessibility and convenience on voters’ schedules, we strongly believe On-line voting is a dynamic and growing vehicle for casting citizen’s votes”, commented Heuman. “Imagine the convenience of being able to vote from your own home or workplace or cottage”.

We hope you will give our pilot a try.